Monday, 3 January 2011

Some pictures and Reflection

So I've been playing with guard for a little while now, luckily I started collecting around the right time of year and was lucky enough to receive a Lord Commissar, Cadian Battleforce and my beloved Valkyrie model. Some pictures will follow but first I will be taking a quick look back on the first portion of my venture out in flak armour.

I have, thus far, only played one battle with my guard, which I won but I feel this victory is hollow without following it up with further experience. My opponent was seriously unlucky with his armour saves and although I'm confident my tactics were sound, I'd like to test my men out on a larger variety of foes. What the battle did teach me is that redundancy is an important part of the guard, nothing is strong enough to be the only unit in the army capable of it's job, a rogue krak missile nearly took out my melta veterans' transport which would have resulted in a very different game as the ability to have a roaming squad of BS4 men firing 3 STR 8 AP 1 shots was very useful.

Another thing I have learned is that guard is fun, I have recently joined a forum for the Imperial guard and it is genuinely the most fun I have had speaking to people about the hobby in a long while. The variety and versatility of the miniatures is just part of the fun and maybe it's the change from power armoured giants after fifteen years, but I am thoroughly enjoying my conscription!

All in all this Imperial Guard is definitely one of the most under-rated armies in the game, the 5+ armour save on normal humans, no different than modern day armies but for a few futuristic tech pieces is easily over looked, but the might of many marching boots is not to be sniffed at.

The Lycerians of the 133rd 

Lieutenant-Commander Jackson R. Bellis

Veteran Guardsman O'Grady, still in last night's drag make up.

The Comedian and his heavy flamer counted for 8 Space marine scout kills!

Veteran Sergeant Badass and his friends Mr. Shotgun and Senior Powerfist

My Valkyrie, Rogue 1, will take a close up of the side art at some point soon. 

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